Team Nash – DALI (Learning environment of the future?)

The classrooms and education haven’t changed in years. If you look at images and methodologies 70 years apart you will notice there is no difference. After our research we have identified the following 3 major issues: pace, standardization and purpose, all of those issues led to the bigger issue of “ How do we sustain the intrinsic motivation in children?”.

What is more, in order to have a more clear vision for our proposals we set certain boundaries. We are tackling the issue for children between the age of 8 – 12 years old in Europe. And to have a better perception of the timeline of our project, we set the date that defines our classroom of the future as 2030. However, the only thing that was left was to define what is a “classroom”.

We have decided to not only look at it as a physical space, but to have the whole holistic view of it. For Team Nash a classroom is not only what surrounds the students, but what are the students learning, how is the content being delivered to them and how do they interact with all the key players in the schooling system.

DALI (Digital Assistant for Learning Intelligence) is an educational application designed for schools, to increase students’ motivation towards learning.

DALI will provide multiple methodologies to explain and test different topics, so that each student can learn the way it suits her or him best. Learning will now be something fun thanks to DALI´s gamified experience. Students will make progress by going on multiple adventures of knowledge exploration. DALI will collect, organize, analyze and interpret all the information generated by each student´s learning process. Teachers will use this information to provide a more needs-based educational experience for their students, whereas school administrators will gain access to a relevant and manageable database for decision-making purposes. D.A.L.I has two interfaces one for the students and one for the teacher.

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