Team Bohr – ElecTree

ElecTree is the first modular extendable plug-n-play intelligent grid solution designed to optimize electricity distribution in situations of scarce energy. It was conceived mainly for use at refugee camps, but its applications extend well beyond this realm.

The solution is built of different layers that extend from the electricity sources that are connected to the most important buildings at a camp, through a core grid. The grid then extends to the shelters, through hubs distributed throughout the camp. The hubs use Power Line Communication (PLC), to balance the energy demand with the supply, prioritize the
most important functions at a camp, and then distribute the excess energy to the shelters.

The project was the result of a three month process, framed under the Challenge based Innovation program: a multidisciplinary team of business, engineering and design students, collaborating with scientists in order to apply technology to tackle social issues. The team had access to various CERN resources, such as its technology portfolio and

Moreover, the Design Thinking methodology was applied through out the process. Constantly listening to our stakeholders, understanding the needs of our final user, creating a customer journey, and many other resources, were crucial in order to assure that our solution would have a real impact on refugees.

Download the project documentation