Team Prometheus – BubbleNet (Digital marketing and data privacy)

Thanks to the growth of the internet, the digital advertising was increased very quickly. The data of 2017 speaks clear. According to an eMarketer report, last year, the worldwide spending on digital advertising was $223.74 billion. The format is expected to see double-digit growth through at least 2020.

The source of some problems is caused by an unbalanced system. Indeed, today the advertising system is composed by the interaction of four actors: a company, an intermediary (the digital advertising network), a publisher and the consumer.

Our solution is the result of studies and researches about the useful technologies and interviews to our potential target. We did some tests and interviews in Bologna to obtain feedback about our ideas and a basic prototype. Thanks to these tests, we discovered that the most serious problem was the user’s privacy and we understood that the people want a not annoying tool to receive info.

After the interviews, we focused on the technologies used for our project. Our proposed solution is Bubblenet: a digital platform that brings customized information to users, guaranteeing their anonymity and giving them full control over their data.

We based our idea on our researches. Advertising is everywhere
on our personal devices but often people consider it annoying, intrusive and a waste of time. What research, interviews, a look at the statistics and our personal experience confirm as well. Furthermore, people are becoming more aware and worried about their privacy and what companies know about them During some tests to young people, we discovered that the most serious worry is the safety of privacy, and the data confirms this trend. They aren’t conscious of their data on the web and usually, they don’t read the terms and conditions that they accept. We use this answers to implement our project.

The system consists of three integral parts:

  Machine learning
  Digital platform
  The technological device

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