Overall we have arrived to a learning solution that has the potential to revolutionize the way people learn from each other in organizations. We have successfully used TALENT as an extreme user group that faces major communication challenges since they work in one of the most complicated projects ever attempted. Our solution to their needs and issues works and takes communication and learning to the 10.1 level.

The process on how this was achieved is a mess and we would actually argue that our success is not dependent on the process. The way how we arrived to the gala with CMPRSSD was more dependent on the environment we were working at and the team we were working with, rather than the the steps we took to arrive to the end. The people who worked to make CMPRSSD happen deserve the credit and the way those people came together as team.

How it happened is unclear, however beer and wine was involved. In the end it is all about the people, people who are motivated and passionate about what they are doing. Furthermore, people need a place that motivates and inspires them. We could not think of a more inspiring place than CERN to work at, even though architecturally not the most eye catching place we have seen. The passion people at CERN share towards their work is catching. We were inspired to be part of CERN and act as a tool to share the knowledge generated by CERN to society.

However, is this the end for our team and for CMPRSSD? No this is the beginning. Several options exists, we plan to continue working with CMPRSSD at least in some way. We are entering the concept into competitions in order to get some initial funding. By gaining funding we could continue the development of CMPRSSD and in the end offer it as a product that helps organizations to revolutionize the way they communicate and learn.

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